Does it really work?

Yes, it really does. Ultrasonic technology has been used for years in medical and industrial applications and has proven to provide unparalleled cleaning results. We’ve harnessed this technology and compacted it into this sleek package using a stainless steel exterior to ensure that the Ultrasona does what it promises. Not to mention, in addition to lab testing, we’ve meticulously tested the Ultrasona on our own clothes, accessories and even ourselves. 

What is this ultrasonic technology you speak of?

Ultrasonic technology comes as a result of ultrasound, an oscillating sound pressure wave that operates at a frequency beyond the human range of hearing. In water, these powerful waves produce a process called cavitation which creates bubbles that do the cleaning. This technology has been used for years in medical and industrial applications as a means of truly powerful cleaning, but Ultrasona has scaled it down and made it accessible to the average consumer.

What do I need to make Ultrasona work?

All you need is a clean container of water and connection to electric power.

What kind of container do I use to wash my clothes?

You can use a sink, a bucket, a bowl, even a plastic bag. Anything that can safely hold water would work. Ultrasona is not picky.

What do I do with my clothes after using Ultrasona?

Ultrasona has the cleaning part covered, so the next step would be to rinse and dry, and your stuff is all set to be worn again the next day.

How much laundry can I wash in one load?

We recommend washing up to 4 lbs worth of items. Heavier items like jeans and bedding are not recommended for use with Ultrasona.

Can the Ultrasona replace my washing machine?

For frequent travelers and small households and families, Ultrasona is the perfect washing machine replacement. It's perfect for helping you save on water, space, and energy - especially if you don't have large loads of laundry.

What’s the difference in quality between using Ultrasona and washing in the machine?

Thanks to ultrasonic waves that reach clean at the microscopic level of your dirty items, Ultrasona can reach areas your washer can’t. In the end, you get clothes that are not only much cleaner, but also gently washed without all the banging and sloshing from the washing machine.

When will I receive my Ultrasona?

Shipping will begin less than 2 months after your pre-order batch ends. You will be immediately notified when we’ve finished, and your ultrasonic cleaning dreams will come true in no time.

Since this is the 4th generation, does that mean I can just buy the previous generations elsewhere?

Yes you can! But these versions were not made for international sale and uses significantly cheaper parts, much weaker transducer, and are not guaranteed to meet safety standards internationally.

Is the Ultrasona compatible with my country's voltage?

At the end of the campaign, we will send out a survey asking about your preferred voltage. You can request 110V rated OR 220V rated Ultrasona unit - the Ultrasona is not dual voltage.

I am a retailer / wholesaler - how can I become a Ultrasona distributor?

Please contact us at help@ultrasonacleaner.com